Made in the USA Film

What does it mean to manufacturing and Draper Knitting Company in particular to be Made in the USA?  For us, it is pride in our heritage, our country, and our products.  It is surviving in an economy where large companies are moving their business overseas. This issue is becoming more relevant as our country struggles to build back its strong economy, to bring business back to the USA.  “We’re willing to die for our country, but are we willing to BUY for it?” asks Josh Miller in the new film, Made in the USA: The 30 Day Journey.

Made in the USA Films, LLC presents a full-length documentary that explores the rise and fall of USA made products. Josh Miller sets out on a journey in which he attempts to live off of USA made products for 30 days. Can he do it!? During Josh’s journey he talks with locals to find out if “Made in the USA” really means anything anymore. If not, what does that mean for the future of our country?  Go to to read about the film and the Made in America Movement.

Every American should watch this film to become aware of what they’re putting in their shopping baskets and how it affects their neighbors, communities, and their country.