Fabric Formations


Stitch-Bonded Fabrics   

Stitch-bonding is a mechanical interlocking of fibers to form a non-woven fabric that is both economical and highly functional.  Stitch-bonded fabrics are more abrasion resistant and more dimensionally stable than standard needle punch non-wovens.  This makes them ideal to use as liners for gloves, boots and protective outerwear. Draper can produce stitch-bonded fabrics that range from 3.5 oz/yd2 to 8.0 oz/yd2 and can be made using a wide range of fibers and fiber blends.

Conventional Circular Knit Fabrics   

Draper Knitting has the ability to knit both single layer, (plain jersey, pique, double pique, double tuck, terry, and Gouffre) and double layer knits (interlock, rib, Lacoste, Ponte de Roma) in a wide variety of raw materials.

We produce knits for a variety of industries including personal protection (fire gloves, haz-mat gloves, combat and tactical gloves, base layers, and fireman’s turnout gear), and other items such as diaper covers and therapeutic fabrics featuring Celliant®.

Circular Knit High Pile / Sliver Knits / Jacquard

Draper Knitting produces circular knit high pile fabrics for a variety of end uses including technical fabrics from high temperature air filtration to clothing and everything in between.   Some of the best examples of pile fabric include teddy bears, paint rollers, specialty pet products, and outerwear.

A sliver is made by blending and then carding together particular fibers that can include different properties and different lengths and colors.   The fibers form the sliver are then picked up by the knitting needles along with the ground yarns and are locked into place as the stitch is formed.

The performance options of pile fabrics are endless based on fibers, blends, pile heights, densities, finishes and jacquard patterns.

Our capabilities allow us to knit weights from 13 to 120 ounces per linear yard – and extraordinary breadth!