Draper Knitting Company has always been seen as an important part of the community.  We see giving back to this amazing community as “just the right thing to do.”

Over the years and planning into the future, Draper has pledged to give time, talent and treasure to honorable endeavors in the following ways.

Fundraising Blanket Program:  Draper Knitting provides blankets near cost to fundraising groups so that they may resell the blankets and keep the profit for their organization.  Groups such as the Canton schools, sports boosters, and alumni groups have used this program to support their goals.

We have seen the profound difference organizations like My Brother’s Keeper (Easton, MA) can make in a community so we are thrilled to do our small part by donating blankets and our time to this worthy cause! 

Educational Programs:  Draper supports programs to promote education in our community.  We have partnerships with various schools, including Canton High School, Blue Hills Regional Technical School, Olin College, and Pappas Rehabilitation Hospital for Children, to expose students to the textiles industry, engineering, and fabric design.  Photography classes have come to take photos of machinery in our 160 year old mill, and fashion design classes come to see how they can use various fabric formations in their designs.  

Drapers’ has participated in the Canton schools’ STEAM event (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics).  Draper interactive displays have most recently been designed to teach students about recycling and sustainability.

Community Involvement:  Kristin Draper, president of Draper Knitting, is a proud member of CABI: Canton Association of Business & Industry.  CABI was first started to be “a willing partner with the town and its residents while strengthening the business base and promoting service to the community through industry.”  Through fundraising efforts, CABI has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to support town departments (including the police and fire departments), the Canton Food Pantry, high school scholarship programs, etc.

Kristin served 10 years on the Economic Development Committee (EDC) in Canton.  The EDC works to ensure that there will be a professional and open level of communication, support and trust between our business community members and town government.

Volunteerism:  Many of the employees of Draper Knitting have long-standing involvement in Canton nonprofits or other programs in the nearby towns they live in.  At this time, we have volunteers at food banks, humane societies, YMCAs, homeless shelters, and educational programs.

Fabric and/or Blanket Donation:  Over the years, Draper has donated many rolls of fabrics to a variety of organizations – from animal shelters making dog and cat beds, to local schools making costumes for student drama presentations.  We also donate blankets as raffle prizes or silent auction items to benefit fundraising events for various school, veteran, sporting, or other local worthwhile charity events.