Commission Work

Since Draper Knitting is a vertical mill we offer all of the services you might need to commission out. If you have a project that you would like us to quote on, please give us a call, if it is something that we cannot do, we are happy to refer you to someone we might […]

Lab / Testing

Although we are not a certified testing lab, we do many ASTM and AATCC tests on our fabrics per our customers’ requests.  If a development or production fabric requires a certified test, we will often “pre-test” here in our own lab so that we and the customer can be comfortable that the fabric will pass […]

Final Inspection / Packaging / Shipping

Shipping includes final inspection, slitting, roll up and shipping.  Our equipment can be adapted to accommodate different sizes of cores, slit various width options, work with multiple rolls, and monitor and record bow and skew of jacquard patterns at roll up.  We have experience shipping large and small domestic and international shipments for any size […]

Padding / Treatments / Coatings

Anti-microbial, anti-odor, DWR, anti-pilling, FR treatments and coatings to provide stability are some of the services we can provide.  We have the ability to heat-set fabrics or apply very heavy coatings depending upon your end use and specifications.