Five Questions with Beth, Draper Knitting Office Manager

How did you come to work at Draper?
I knew Kristin through various Canton community volunteer events and knew of the property and own many of the products sold at Draper. When the job at Draper became available, it seemed like a great fit! My prior experience was working as an office manager for another small family business, so it was an easy transition.

Have you always worked in manufacturing?
No, my previous position was at a distribution company. Prior to that, I worked in banking. 

What projects are you most excited about?
I’m interested in learning more about manufacturing in general, but knitting more specifically. Since I have never worked in textiles, I’m still learning the language and how the different departments interact with each other. In addition to working on the knitting side, I also work with Draper Properties. I am interested in learning more about the tenants and properties management portion of that business. 

Which part of the manufacturing process have you found the most interesting?
Watching all of the machines operate is fascinating. Though I’m still learning what each machine does, the conventional knitting and blending departments are particularly interesting to watch!

What do you do when you’re not at work?
Yard work. gardening, and house projects with my husband, when it’s safe – visit my kids at college and parents. I also love to visit the beach in Maine. 

Beth image