Draper Knitting’s Made in the USA Gift Guide

Welcome to Draper Knitting’s First Made in the USA Gift Guide! 

All of these amazing businesses are customers of Draper Knitting and we are so proud to be a part of their success stories!   What makes these companies special?  It is the people and the ingenuity/creativity that is, Made in the USA!   

Almost all of these customers worked with Draper to design a fabric that would meet a particular need or solve a particular problem. 

Do you remember that old BASF tagline, “At BASF, we don’t make a lot of the products you buy. We make a lot of the products you buy better.”?    I always think of that when I think of Draper.   There are very few fabrics we make that are recognizable when they leave us,  but when transformed by these companies, become pretty amazing products.

As you search for the perfect gift for whatever holidays are included in your family traditions we ask that think about supporting Made in the USA.  Made in the USA products support jobs that support families by paying a living wage, do not contribute to the shipping/container and logistic issues that are plaguing the imports and of course the transparency, better inventory control and shorter lead times that come with buying domestically. 

We hope you will enjoy seeing the awesome products our customers are making right here in the good ‘ole USA! 

Happy Holidays!

– Kristin Draper, Draper Knitting President


YONY exists to shift menswear to a more sophisticated look, while creating the most transparent and ethical supply chain possible. 

Their clothing represents a refined take on Americana. Inspired by the 50s, they create clothing to modernize a look that is long lost. We challenge ourselves to design pieces that will last for years to come.

Fabrics, buttons, zippers, packaging and many more components are key to a brand and what it stands for. This belief is core to how they make their clothing. Whenever possible, their fabrics are sustainable and produced in the United States from start to finish.

Shop YONY here.

Truly Charis

Truly Charis is a small, family-owned business located in the beautifully diverse city of San Antonio, TX. Destani, owner, creative designer, and lead seamstress, and her husband, Ariel, developed Truly Charis as a means to provide for their 6 children. Charis is derived from a Greek word meaning “grace, kindness, and life” – qualities that are very much a part of the company’s ethos.

Draper’s relationship with Truly Charis has been steadily growing over the years. In February 2014, Truly Charis began making wool interlock diaper covers. They opened for retail on Etsy in November 2014,  after months of pattern refinement and extensive testing. They first started using Draper fabrics in 2015, and by December 2017, they branched into Merino Wool jersey clothing.  

Truly Charis has grown into a company that offers innovative designs, a quality product which supports the small business economy, and dependable customer service. Now their line includes their own wool interlock fabric knit here at Draper Knitting exclusively for Truly Charis.

Shop Truly Charis here.

Draper Therapies

Draper Therapies is a therapeutic product company combining the technology of Celliant® into high quality products for equines, canines, felines and humans. All Draper Therapies products are made with Celliant®. Products made with Celliant fabrics absorb and convert body heat, naturally emitted by all living things, in the form of far infrared energy (IR). This energy is recycled back into skin and tissue in a safe, natural way, helping to rebuild and recharge the human body after physical activity and while you sleep.

Shop Draper Therapies here.

Holy Lamb Organics

At Holy Lamb Organics, we’re proud to carry on a centuries-old tradition of making beautiful textile products by hand. Combining heritage methods with pristine natural and organic materials and sustainable business practices, we bring a dedication to healthy living and the environment to a time-honored approach. Visit us on Facebook & Instagram @holylamborganics.

Shop Holy Lamb Organics here.


The team at Underbares could never find the perfect muscle tee, so they decided to make it. The Organic Cotton Muscle Tee is super soft and made out of cotton fabric developed by Draper. This tee features raw hemlines, a bold shoulder (think eighties shoulder pad without the bulk), and larger arm holes. It’s meant to be oversized and boxy. The Organic Cotton Boxer Brief pairs perfectly with The Tee and features a soft elastic waistband enclosed in cotton for stretchy comfort and extra space in the front for a fit that works well for any body.

In collaboration with their customers, Underbares makes sustainably-minded and pared-down essentials that you feel good in and good about in Fall River, Massachusetts. 

Shop Underbares here.


Pareto is a direct-to-consumer women’s apparel brand founded on the principle that women wear 20% of their closets, 80% of the time. At Pareto, we make the best version of the clothing you actually wear. Each piece is built to look good, built for all days, built to last, and built responsibly. We’ve set out to show the world the power of fewer, more purposeful. We’re also proud to work with an amazing team of fully domestic supply chain partners, from farm to closet. 

Shop Pareto here.

Shelby Gloves

Is there a firefighter or someone who needs an industrial work wear glove on your holiday gift list?   Please check out the offerings from Shelby Specialty Gloves. Their reputation for customer appreciation and loyalty is directly attributed to their gloves’ protection, durability, fit and performance, stemming from their desire to lead the field and their commitment to the American Worker. Shelby has proudly produced gloves in the U.S.A since 1953.