Draper Knitting Company Helps Vermont Teddy Bears Go Green

Kristin Draper and Kat Wojtylak

Teddy Bears from Vermont Teddy Bears are a little softer and a whole lot more envionmentally friendly this year, thanks to the Draper Knitting Company. The textile manufacturer produced the fabric for two of the eco friendly Vermont Teddy Bears, the Go Green Bear and the Woolen bear. While these bears may come from the green mountains of Vermont, their cuddly soft fur and paw pads are made by Draper Knitting from 100-percent recycled post-comsumer plastic bottles for the Go Green Bears and 100-percent natural wool for the Woolen Bears. “Draper has been focused on the environment since they started doing business with Patagonia over twenty years ago,” said Kristin Draper, President of Draper Knitting Company. “We focused on decreasing waste, recycling within the plant and efficiently conserving energy using Patagonia as a mentor. Today we remain focused on those principles and augment them with increased use of Ecologically friendly materials like PCR (Post Consumer Recycled polyester) and natural fibers such as wool. Using Eco friendly fabrics for toys just seems like a natural fit for fabrics such as these.”

Photo: Fabric from Draper Knitting Company helped produce two adorable new Vermont Teddy Bears this year. The Go Green Bear and the Woolen Bear are made with eco friendly products, perfect for playing with and helping the environment at the same time. Kristin Draper (left) and Kat Wojtylak (right) are pictured holding one of the bears.

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